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Community of Grant Recipients

“This grant is a wonderful opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and grow as a healthcare professional. Conferences offer the ability to not only develop your skills but also learn from other experts in the field who come from different backgrounds and experiences.”

Check out our 2023/2024 recipients' essays

Past Nursing Conference Scholarship Recipients


Katie Askren

Victoria Baraya

Diane Berry

Lauren Brewer

Karen Hicks

Cailing Li

Kristina Martinez

Tim Nichols

Sherwind Pazzibugan

Diane Sirajudeen


Jay Brownson

Janice Campbell

Mark Cordova Cuizon

Nancy Dias

Kristen Hill

Jacqueline Newton

Lauren Peiffer

Michelle Raynor

Theresa Wavra

Brigitte Marie Williams


Elida Berndt

Katie Busby

Johannie Camat

Keale Caye

Suzanne Ellison

Lynn Estacio

Stephanie Keniston

Francois Njomo

Adelberto Pena, Jr.

Michelle Sfeir


Aida Abdulrahman

Catherine Eikenberry

Amy Fulwood

Jael Holroyd

Alexandra Koszarek

Tiffany LaSalle

Joy Lanfranchi

Trixy Schmitz

Timi Trust

Mary Whalen


Linda Arundel

Stephen Berg

Brian Frampton

Lana Garcia

Kelley Lombard

Michelle Lopez

Jenny Ratts-Harrison

Victoria Reiser

Mary Rose Santos

Tracey Wooden


Abby Sheesley

Christine Puskar

Katie Alms

Letitia Debrill

Marvin Delfin

McKinzie McAdaragh

Melissa Mitchell

Samantha Goetz

Stephanie Hand

Tania Ayala


Ashely Mize

Robin Coyne

Nancy Chang

Sheila Smith

Martha Harlow

Crystal Fleischhacker

Anne-Marie Jones

Christopher Morrow

Jared Nordstrom

Jamie Bach


“In my nomination, my patient wrote that they felt lucky to have me as a nurse. In reality, I’m the lucky one for being able to spend time with so many amazing kids in my profession as a pediatric nurse.”

Ariella Eve


DAISY Award Honoree

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