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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this related to the Cherokee Nursing Conference Grant/Scholarship?  

It’s the same program, supported by the same parent organization, Careismatic Brands, which owns both Cherokee Uniforms and Healing Hands. Healing Hands is now this grant's brand sponsor, and the new name and acronym (HHCG) reflect this. 


What does the HHCG grant cover?
Grant recipients each receive up to US$ 2,000 toward the costs of attending an approved continuing education conference, anywhere in the world. The funds may be used for registration fees, transportation, lodging, and/or other conference-related expenses.  


Are there any restrictions on what type of conference I can attend? 

The purpose of the HHCG is to give DAISY honorees a chance to expand their careers and education at a nursing conference of their choice, as long as it offers continuing nursing education (CNE) credits and begins on or before June 30, 2025.


Click here for a partial list of conferences previous winners have attended. 


If I received a Nursing Conference Scholarship/Grant, in the past, may I apply? 

If you received it in 2020 or earlier, you’re welcome to apply for the 2024 HHCG award.  


I work at a DAISY organization, but I am not a DAISY Award recipient. Can I still apply? 

Unfortunately, no. The HHCG scholarship is open to DAISY Award honorees only.  


I’m a DAISY honoree, but I received my award over a decade ago. Am I still eligible? 

Yes. If you’ve received a DAISY Award at any point, in any country registered with The DAISY Foundation, you may apply.  


The application asks for a link to my Spotlight on The DAISY Foundation website, but it’s not there. What do I do? 

Contact the DAISY Coordinator at the organization where you received your DAISY Award and ask them to submit your name and information to The DAISY Foundation to get you registered. If you need help finding the DAISY Coordinator, please email


If selected, what are the next steps?
You will receive a detailed email, which will include requests for information and several forms you must complete and sign in order to receive your funds. They include: an Authorization to Release Information form, Publicity Release form, Consent to Photograph form, and a digital photo of yourself (for Healing Hands to use for promotional purposes).  


You will also need to submit either a completed W-9 form (U.S. residents) or W-8 form (non U.S. residents) for tax reporting purposes, as well as your bank information so we can deposit the funds in your account.


Once you have registered for your conference, you will need to submit the registration receipt so we can process your grant. 

The DAISY Foundation will be processing the grants - and will provide recipients more information to the recipients. 


Any tips for writing a successful essay? 

  • Speak to your professional goals in relation to the care setting you work in, and the patient population you serve 

  • Identify what new knowledge you’d like to gain by attending a conference, and how you aim to use it to improve the care you give 

  • Tell us how you plan to share this knowledge with your colleagues, administrative team, students, and/or others 

  • Make sure you meet the 200 minimum word requirement 

  • While this isn’t an English paper, please remember proper spelling and grammar can help boost your chances of winning.  

What if I have a question not on this list?  

Feel free to email us at  

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