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DAISY Honorees -
Boost your Professional Development! 


Since 2017 Careismatic Brands has been committed to helping extraordinary nurses advance their professional journeys by providing grants to DAISY Honorees to help them cover the costs of attending a continuing education conference of their choice.*


Almost 100 DAISY Honorees from around the world have been able to participate in a diverse range of conferences and have gained knowledge and tools to develop their practice and leadership skills. 


Open to past and present DAISY Award recipients from anywhere in the world, this year’s Conference Grant for DAISY Nurses is gratefully sponsored by Healing Hands, a Careismatic Brand, and The DAISY Foundation.  20 (twenty) Honorees will be selected and receive up to US$2000 towards conference expenses.


Check out the official rules and submit your application and essays by June 30, 2024 to be considered.

*  From 2017 – 2023 the grant was sponsored by Cherokee Uniforms, a Careismatic brand.  Healing Hands (another Careismatic brand) became the new sponsor in the second half of 2023.

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Championing a community of care.

At Healing Hands, we’re proud to partner with the DAISY Foundation to support our incredible community of caregivers. To date, this program – previously sponsored by sister brand Cherokee Uniforms – has awarded over $120,000 in funds to 60 nurses in the U.S. and abroad. These winners have been able to advance their professional development by attending the nursing conference of their choice. 

Rules & Application

See if you’re eligible, what you need to do to apply (hint: there’s an essay involved), and other requirements.

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